Literary translation

From any early age I was what is known as a “bookworm”. Week after week, I avidly read new stories, adventures, and novels. Is there anything better than entirely immersing yourself in a story, diving into a book, completely forgetting about the world around you?

When the time came to choose a profession, it was my love for languages that won out – I became a translator. As such I have been translating various texts from English and Spanish into German for more than ten years. Never having lost my passion for reading, I would love to translate books.

Apart from my general love of literature, I am fascinated by the act of translating – I love to work with texts, interpret them in the source language, capture their structure, and then use my skills as a professional translator to transfer a piece of writing into another language and make it accessible to the target audience. In this I place importance on delivering a correct text with impeccable terminology, orthography and grammar that reflects both its purpose and the needs of the audience. I want to use translation to convey what I feel when reading to others.





So if you are looking for someone to translate your book from English to German or from Spanish to German, please do not hesitate to contact me.