What we do

LanguageKitchen offers qualitative services in the following fields:


We translate your text in the requested language in such as way that it also works perfectly in the target language.
Usually, prices for translations are calculated according to the amount of text; however, we are also happy to quote you an all-inclusive price.


Your texts are checked for correct orthography and grammar.
Charges for proofreading jobs are calculated according to time consumed.




In addition to reviewing the orthography and grammar of your text, editing also includes stylistic feedback and/or stylistic refinement (depending on the given agreement).
Charges for editing jobs are also calculated according to time consumed.

You can submit oders via email, post or Skype in all common formats or on CD-Rom, USB flash drive, etc.


Liaison interpreting & community interpreting

We support you in your communication with partners who speak another language.
Interpreting prices are calculated according to time consumed.


Interpreting on academic or business trips

We will be happy to accompany you on your trips in order to ensure smooth communication on-site.
In such cases, a daily rateI is charged (in addition to travel costs).


We will be happy to send you an individual quote.



LanguageKitchen supports you in many languages – including English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, and many more.


Quality management

In order to reliably ensure the best-possible results, we work according to numerous quality standards:

•    The two-man rule
•    Collaboration with qualified native speakers
•    Cooperation with experts
•    Creation of client-specific terminology data bases
•    Continuous vocational training
•    Guaranteed data security (acc. to GDPR)


We are a well-rehearsed team ready to take on your projects.