Up until now, LanguageKitchen has successfully cooperated with companies such as:  


  • Agria Tours Travel Agency, Allerheiligen b. Wildon, Austria
  • AltaLingua, Madrid, Spain
  • Austrian Business Agency, Vienna, Austria
  • Austrian Professional Hotel Association, Vienna, Austria
  • Energie Steiermark (Styrian energy provider), Graz, Austria
  • focuz kommunikation, Graz, Austria
  • Forstliche Ausbildungsstätte Pichl (silvicultural training centre), Mitterdorf i. Mürztal, Austria
  • Geoconsult, Salzburg, Austria
  • ICS (Centre for Internationalisation Styria), Graz, Austria
  • Imerys Talc Europe, Toulouse, France
  • IVM Technical Consultants, Graz, Austria
  • MGM Lebegut, Graz, Austria
  • MJL Technische Software GmbH (technical software solutions), Graz, Austria
  • mWS myWorld Solutions AG, Graz, Austria
  • NET-Automation, Zeltweg, Austria
  • Verein zur Pflege des weihnachtlichen Brauchtums, Schwanberg, Austria
  • Wohnfee Home Staging & Furniture Leasing, Graz/Vienna, Austria
  • WoodHeroes GmbH (wooden toy manufacturing), Graz, Austria
  • ZOLL Medical Österreich GmbH, Vienna, Austria


Here’s what our clients have to say about us and our work:


“With LanguageKitchen, we have found a reliable and efficient partner for our translations. Assignments are handled quickly and in an uncomplicated manner. The resulting translations are always of high quality and delivered on time. As well as providing outstanding value, LanguageKitchen is also flexible – even translations at short notice are handled without difficulty. And, they soon used our internal terminology in the translations. To put it in a nutshell: I can recommend LanguageKitchen without reservation!”

Andreas Erschen, Director International Services



KernGeschäft on the services of LanguageKitchen, KernGeschäft logo

“First things first: Translations by LanguageKitchen are convincing. The team bears in mind all our specific requests. Translations have to be adequate for everyday use and they have to work. Translation work by LanguageKitchen fulfills both requirements. Great job!”


Joachim Kern, advertising professional


APHA on the services of LanguageKitchen, APHA logo

“We have been calling on the services of LanguageKitchen for a long time and we are convinced by their reliable, accurate, and prompt work!”


Katrin Sagmeister, Austrian Professional Hotel Association


“LanguageKitchen not only translates quickly and competently, they also pay attention to the context and question the source text. So the German original is improved, too.”

Michael Leipold, passionate wooden toy producer



“LanguageKitchen has perfectly supported ABA – Invest in Austria in the preparation of fairs and events in Austria and abroad with commitment, great communication skills and flexibility within the framework of a research position campaign. Thus, we were able to subsequently help research-focused businesses to settle in Austria, facilitating job creation. We will continue to make use of LanguageKitchen’s excellent services and their qualified team for our purposes.”

Jakob  Cencic, Director Strategic Investment



MGM Lebegut on the services of LanguageKitchen, MGM Lebegut logo

“I work in the private sector as well as in the business-to-business sector. For me as a business man, both interpersonal contact and technical translations are very important. LanguageKitchen has met my demands in all of these areas very well. Thank you for the great cooperation!”


Michael Leitner, holistic health provider


FAST Pichl on the services of LanguageKitchen, FAST Pichl logo

“We commissioned LanguageKitchen with the translation of forestry training and presentation material. LanguageKitchen has convinced us with professional, flexible, and timely translation work!”


Helga Pretterhofer, forester & technical instructor



“The fast and wholly accurate translation of our offers helps us to wininternationally operating clients again and again.”

Michael Leipold, Software Engineer